Warming Kit 102

Advantages of Cryotec Warming Kit

  • This box contains all the tools and solutions you need to thaw oocytes and embryos
  • The protocol can be used for both oocytes and embryos

Cryotec Warming Plate

  • A well for the thawing stage designed for rapid warming
  • Waste-fluid drains on the side for efficient operations
  • Hemispherical shape prevents sudden changes in osmotic pressure
  • An indicator (3 mm) is installed on the lid of the warming plate to precisely measure the amount of solutions
  • Round-bottom eliminates shadows caused by light refraction

Cryotec Warming Solutions

  • Safe and long-lasting due to solutions being free from Serum and SSS
  • Low impact on cells due to the use of endotoxin-free trehalose and a low concentration of CPA
  • Preventing damage to oocytes and embryos due to the specific gravity of VS
  • Hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) increases viscosity and slows down the movement of oocytes and embryos


  • For 1 application
  • 1.8 ml Thawing Solution (TS) x1
  • 0.5 ml Diluent Solution (DS) x1
  • 1.0 ml Washing Solution (WS) x1
  • Warming Plate x1

Shelf-life: 1 year at 2~8℃

Quality control

Our products are ISO 13485 certified
We only ship lots that passed POA test


Cryotec solutions are available only in select countries, please contact globalsales@reprolife.jp to inquire


A major issue when thawing has been the fact that sudden changes in osmotic shock lead to over-expansion (hyper-hydration) in the oocytes and embryos, causing damage to the cells and cytoskeletons. Cryotec preservation is a method which minimizes osmotic shock in the various solutions while adding HPC, thereby increasing viscosity and achieving extremely slow and safe dilution.