Vitrification Solution Set 110

Advantages of Cryotec Vitrification Solution Set

  • Safe and long-lasting due to solutions being free from Serum and SSS
  • Low impact on cells due to the use of endotoxin-free trehalose and a low concentration of CPA
  • Preventing damage to oocytes and embryos due to the specific gravity of VS
  • Hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) increases viscosity and slows down the movement of oocytes and embryos


  • For 10 applications
  • 1.8 ml Equilibration Solution (ES) x2
  • 1.8 ml Vitrification Solution (VS) x4

Shelf-life: 1 year at 2℃~8℃

Quality control

Our products are ISO 13485 certified
We only ship lots that passed POA test


Cryotec solutions are available only in select countries, please contact to inquire


One of the major causes of damage to oocytes and embryos during vitrification is moving on to the next step before reaching equilibrium.

In the past, embryologists relied on their experience to determine whether equilibrium had been reached, however, a specific gravity difference in Reprolife’s vitrification solution means that anyone can accurately determine whether equilibrium has been attained. At the same time, toxicity is reduced. The result is a reduction in the stress of operating under a time limit.