Challenge 100

Join us in our effort to reach high survival rate

Challenge 100 is Reprolife’s initiative to obtain maximum survival rate across 100 facilities around the world in at least 100 consecutive cases of oocytes and embryos freezing and thawing. 

We are sending instructors, who were trained by Dr. Kuwayama, to clinics worldwide to conduct training and workshops on the Cryotec Method. 

The goal of this challenge is to exchange knowledge and minimize losses in the freezing and thawing of oocytes and embryos. 

Welcome to 100% Super ART Club

100% Super ART Club is a manufacturer certification for facilities meeting the highest standards in cryopreservation.

It is awarded to those who meet the strict criteria set by Reprolife in at least 100 consecutive cases of freezing and thawing of oocytes and embryos as part of Challenge 100 in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

To help patients select treatment facilities, Reprolife will endeavor to extensively promote the 100% Super ART Club facilities as those possessing the highest levels of cryopreservation skills in the world through marketing materials, on social media as well as at various events and seminars.

100% Super ART Club Facilities

cryotec Challenge100

Our trainers

Yui Umekawa

After graduating from postgraduate school in 2010, Yui had been working as an embryologist at a clinic in Tokyo, Japan for seven years. As an embryologist, she has been involved in ART and worked to help many patients to have a baby in the future. She then got a Master of Science in Reproductive Science and Women’s Health from the postgraduate school in the UK in 2017. After returning to Japan, she wanted to use her experience to help embryologists in their efforts to create more lives. She now works as a technical instructor at Reprolife alongside Dr Kuwayama on a variety of freezing methods and shares the Cryotec method with the world as part of the technical assurance team.

Sofía Soto Rodriguez

Sofía is a biologist. She started working as an embryologist in 2008. In 2015 she got her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Universidad de Guadalajara, and moved to Japan to be part of the Reprolife family. Since then she has performed as a senior scientist and official Cryotec trainer giving workshops and lectures worldwide and publishing scientific papers.
Sofía wants to give her contribution to the world by creating and spreading the best scientific tools. She loves making friends and learning new cultures, and looks forward to exchanging knowledge with you on the best assisted reproduction techniques.

María Guadalupe de Alba Cervantes

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University Center for Biological and Agricultural Sciences (CUCBA) with an honorary recognition for excellent academic, performance at the University of Guadalajara. She began her professional career at the DNA VITA company oriented to stem cell cultivation. A year later she ventured into the world of assisted reproduction at the IMI (Mexican Institute of Infertility) clinic, where she had the opportunity to receive training from Dr. Masashige Kuwayama at Kato Ladies Clinic in Japan, expanding her knowledge of IVF techniques. A couple of years later she was invited to the Republic of Cyprus to work in the MicroSort Sex Selection laboratory and later joined Reprolife in Japan, where she now works as an official instructor in vitrification and warming. She did a short stay in New York to standardize vitrification and train Extend Fertility Center staff. During these last six years she has been director of the Life Cryobank laboratory.